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Kids on the Go Summer Clubs 2024
Located at 5621 Stellhorn Road

July Clubs:

Let’s cook- cooking Club: Does your child like to help you cook? This will be the club for them! Each day we create a yummy treat to eat! All supplies are included in your club fee. We will cook, mix, measure and taste different treats each day. Free play, story time and snacks will be provided each day. We will be serving a treat to families on our last day! July 8-12th 9 am-12:30 pm ($125.00) We will be at our temporary location 6429 Georgetown North, inside of Beacon's of Light Dance studio.

Let’s Camp, Camping Club: Come camp with us in the preschool!!! We will have lots of fun playing in real tents, sitting around the pretend campfire, and learning campfire songs. We will even make s’mores for snacks one day. Come catch real fish in the fishing pond!! This club is a must for all who love to camp! Snack is provided each day. July 15-19th 9 am-12:30 pm ($125.00) ****Note: check with Miss Cindy on the location of this club.

Beach Party Club: Come have fun with us at the beach all week!! We will be exploring the sand inside and outside this week, along with bubbles, water play, beach crafts, even making some fun snacks that are beach theme! We will even have a fun water balloon toss. Bring your suit and towel with you each day. Snacks will be provided each day. July 22-25 9am-12:30pm ($100.00) ***Note: check with Miss Cindy on the location of this club.

Let’s Garden, Gardening club: Do you have a green thumb? Come garden with us!! In this fun club we will learn how to grow flowers from seeds and plants. Each day we will get our hands dirty! Story time and free play time will be a part of each day. Snack is provided each day.  Aug 1 -2 9am-12:30pm ($70.00) ****Note: club will be at our new location.

Ready Set Go--Learning can be fun club: In this club will be preparing the club members for the new school year. Each child will be working on projects that will help to re-enforce learning the alphabet, numbers, counting, shapes and colors. These concepts will be taught through games, art activities, journals and other fun activities. We also will continue to learn through free-play, structure learning time and story-time. This club is a must to get your child ready to start the school year! Snack will be provided. July 31st. 9am-12:00noon ($40.00) *Note: club will be at our new location.

All Kids on the Go Summer c
lubs are open to the public and are for children ages 2-10 years old. A family discount will be given for 2 or more children in the same family attending the same club (10% discount). Reserve your spot in the clubs by calling Kids on the Go Preschool at 255-4543. Registration forms are required for attending a summer club. Email Miss Cindy for more information at:

We are also still enrolling f
or the 2024-2025 preschool year beginning in Aug 2024. Children ages 2-5 years. T/Th am 2 year old, MWF am 3 year old, M-Th am 4 year old, M-F pm 5 year old. Email Miss Cindy for more information!

Miss Cindy also does private tutoring during the summer if you are interested. M-Th pm 1-2pm.