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Kids on the Go Summer Clubs 2024
Located at 5984 Stellhorn Road

Summer Clubs are coming in June!

Walking with the Dinosaurs Club: In this club, we will be filling the preschool with everything Dinosaurs. Come enjoy each day as we step into the world of Dinosaurs. We will even create our own Dinosaur craft and break open Dinosaur eggs!! Snacks will be provided each day. 

Princess Glam Club: In this club will be dressing the part. The girls will be creating crowns and magic wands to go with their princess outfits. We will also be creating a castle from large cardboard boxes. We will even have a real Princess come to visit our club. The club members will have free play, craft time, and story time each day. Snacks will be provided each day.

Imagination Train Club: In this club, we will use our imagination to create a train from recycled boxes. We will be constructing a train big enough to play in and one that we can take home, as we pretend to be train conductors. We will also be learning about trains and how they work while we design each train section. Each day we provide free play and craft time along with a room filled with trains and tracks to play with. Stories about trains will also be part of this club. Snacks will be provided each day. 

Crafty Club:  Come be crafty with us for the day. In this club, we will be creating fun crafts to take home. With it being on Flag Day, we will be making a special flag craft, along with other USA craft designs.  We will read stories, and have free play and craft time during this one-day club. Snacks will be provided. 

Nerf Blast Club: During this club, we will have fun with Nerf games, and challenges, along with creating our own Nerf fort!! Supplies will be provided. Snacks will also be provided.

Spa Day Club: In this club, we will be pampering each child. Club members will start their day by relaxing and playing. In this club, we will be making homemade lip gloss and trying homemade face masks. The little ladies will also be getting their nails done just like Mommy! 

Let's tie-dye club: We are going to learn a new technique for tie-dyeing. Bring a few items to tie-dye ( t-shirt, hat, gloves, pillowcase, etc) We will make something fun, learn to tie-dye on paper, and more.  The super fun club we started last year--it fills fast!!  Snacks will be provided each day.  

Let’s Garden, Gardening Club: Do you have a green thumb? Come garden with us!! In this fun club, we will learn how to grow flowers from seeds and plants. Each day we will get our hands dirty! Storytime and free play time will be a part of each day. Snack is provided each day. 

Lego Club: This club is full of fun building and creating designs with Lego's!! We fill the room with Legos for the children to create with. We also have free play in the preschool, craft time and snacks while at this club. We will show our parents what we created in Lego club.

Summer Clubs are coming in July!

Beach Party Club: Come and have fun at the beach with us!! We will be exploring sand inside and outside this week, along with bubbles, water play, beach crafts, and even making some fun snacks that are beach theme! We will even have a fun water balloon toss. Bring your suit and towel with you each day. Snacks will be provided each day. 

Let’s Camp, Camping Club: Come camp with us in the preschool!!! We will have lots of fun playing in real tents, sitting around the pretend campfire, and learning campfire songs. We will even make s’mores for snacks one day. Come catch real fish in the fishing pond!! This club is a must for all that love to camp! Snack is provided each day.

Let’s Cook- cooking Club: Does your child like to help you cook? This is the club for them! Each day we create a yummy treat to eat! All supplies are included in your club fee. We will cook, mix, measure, and taste different treats each day. Free play, storytime, and snacks will be provided each day. We will have family visit our "Kids on the Go cafe" on the last day for a treat!! 

Summer Clubs coming in August!

Ready Set Go--Learning can be Fun Club: In this club will be preparing the club members for the new school year. Each child will be working on projects that will help to re-enforce learning the alphabet, numbers, counting, shapes, and colors. These concepts will be taught through games, art activities, journals, and other fun activities. We also will continue to learn through free-play, structured learning time, and story time. This club is a must to get your child ready to start the school year! Snacks will be provided each day.

Builders Club -- let's create together! In this club, we will be designing a fun wooden craft to take home. Each child will have their own project to build. Once we create it, we will be painting the completed project. If your little one likes to create, they will love this club! We will also be learning through free play, structured learning time, and story time in this one-day club! Snacks will be provided.